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She is a composer and sound designer residing in Berlin. Her professional experience encompasses projects in film, theater, and dance, as well as the creation of electroacoustic, experimental, and sound art compositions.

Her work involves the use of traditional instruments, fully synthesized elements, and concrete sounds, which she manipulates and designs to provide an expressive dimension to each piece.



Born in Santiago, Chile, she trained as a pianist at the Experimental Artistic Lyceum and the Modern School of Music. During this time, she participated in numerous concerts as a "young student," and in 1994, she received the Elena Weiss award for piano performance.

Later, she enrolled at the Technological University of Chile VIPRO, where she graduated in Sound Engineering. She furthered her studies in Italy, obtaining a Master's degree in Sound Engineering from the University of Rome II with a thesis supervised by Giovanni Brambilla at the National Research Council of Rome (CNR).

She also pursued studies in musical composition at the San Luis Music College and graduated in electronic music from the Santa Cecilia Music Conservatory in Rome, Italy, where she studied composition with Francesco Telli, electronic music with Giorgio Nottoli, and electroacoustics with Piero Schiavoni. Additionally, she holds a Master's degree in Sound Art from the University of Barcelona, as well as postgraduate studies in sound design and sonic creation at the same institution and in video design in Berlin.

Since 2014, she has worked as a composer and sound designer for short and feature films, including The Second Attack directed by Mala Reinhardt, Una Primavera directed by Valentina Primavera, and Datsche directed by Lara Hewitt. These films have been screened at film festivals including DoK.Leipzig, Dok.fest München, Rotterdam International Film Festival, Berlinale, Hotdocs, Krakow Film Festival, and Zurich Film Festival, and have won several awards including a Grimme Prize.

In addition to her work as a composer and sound designer for film, theater, and dance, she also works on creating pieces of electroacoustic music, experimental music, and sound art.

Since 2016 she also leads projects in the fields of programming, technologies, digital media, putting emphasis in the relation between art, music and technology.


  • Master of Science - Sound engineering (University of Rome II, Italy)

  • Master's Degree in Sound Art  (University of Barcelona)

  • Bachelor of Music - Electronic Music (Conservatorio di Musica di Roma "Santa Cecilia",  Italy)

  • Bachelor of Music - Music for Film (Saint Louis College of Music, Rome)

  • Degree in Sound Engineering (Technological University of Chile Vipro, Santiago, Chile)

  • Postgraduate in Sound Design (University of Barcelona)

  • Postgraduate in Sound Creation (University of Barcelona)


Stadt der Partisanen by Dirk Cieslak (Berlin, 2023), Block IV by Vierte Welt (Berlin, 2023), Würde und Liebe by Ren Saibara (2022, Berlin), Das ist nicht mein Land by Dirk Cieslak (2022), Nuovo Corviale (2021), Feels like Heaven by Annett Hardegen (2021), Onkel Günter by Riumalló (2020) and Una primavera by Valentina Primavera, Im Toten Winkel at Vierte Welt (Berlin, 2017), and as a sound designer for the performance Hamlet by Boris Nikitin; Theatre Frascati, Amsterdam, Clasicos en Alcala, Madrid (2017), Köln, IMPULSE THEATER FESTIVAL 2017 and for the performance Pandora's daughters exercise 1, 2 and 3 at Vierte Welt (Berlin, 2016-2017). She also worked as a Sound Technician for Radio Choreography by Netta Weiser, Season Finale Episode: Into Thin Air (Mai 2022) and the Mastering of Radio Choreographies for broadcasting on WDR 3 Studio Akustische Kunst (April, 2023.


As a composer, she has worked on several film productions, including Goodbye Europe by Lara Hewitt (United Kingdom, 2021), Onkel Günter by Riumalló (Cine Liebre | Granvista Media Germany, 2020), Una Primavera by Valentina Primavera (Fugu Filmverleih Cinema Release 2.1.2020), The Second Attack by Mala Reinhardt (2018), Datsche by Lara Hewitt (UCM Darling Berlin | Cinema Release 3.10.2019 | 2020: available on Amazon Prime), Ich Gegner by Jakob Fischer (Berlin, 2017), Alte Joachimsthaler by Mala Reinhardt (2019), and Joachimsthal High School Templin by Mala Reinhardt (2018).


Her works have been exhibited at installations such as MUSLAB COMPLEX PLANET International Electroacoustic Music Festival Museo Antropológico y de Arte Contemporáneo „MAAC GUAYAQUIL“ (2023), What's Behind That Silence? Sound Art and Public Space in Barcelona (2021), Barcelona at the Apel-les Fenosa Museum Cup, sound design for the Video installation at the Zhejiang Natural History Museum in China, designed by David Chipperfield (China, October 2018) and Your city my object (Berlin, 2017).

Her electroacoustic works include: Yo, Caballo (Me, Horse, 2024) Release Date 12/01/2024 Label Cero Records, Galatea, in the mind of the machine and in the heart of the noise exhibited in Barcelona at the Apel-les Fenosa Museum Cup 02.03.2024 - 12.04.2024.

Inaudible Places (2023), Sonic Mirage (2023),Eine kleine Klangphänomenologie über Spinnen (2022), Die Stadt des Gedächtnisses (2022), Galatea in the Mind of the Machine (2022), Alae extentae (2021), Noise Against Noise (2021), Memories of Water (2018), and Structures and Filters (2016), among others.

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