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City of Memory, 2021

City of Memory is a sound piece composed of three works that explore different paths to memory and imagination through sound. Each work represents an excavation into the mental and perceptual processes associated with memory, aiming to crystallize an essential component of my sonic imagination expressed through fundamental noise.

The third work, called Box Inside represents a perceptual journey that seeks to make the internal noise within me tangible.

The second work, titled Die Stadt der Erinnerung is a composition that captures the sonic journeys of a city explored through memory. It is based on the perception and memories I hold from the various cities I have lived in. Sounds intertwine and overlap, creating a mental territory where physical boundaries and limits blur.

Heading 3

The work was presented at "What's Behind That Silence? Sound Art and Public Space in Barcelona (2021)."

The first work consists of a sonic map of the imaginary world formed by the lines and traces of the paths leading to the sounds of the city contemplated within the mind. This work aims to map and reveal the connection between lived experiences and the evocative sounds, thus creating a sonic landscape within the mind.

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