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Yo, Caballo, 2023

Title: "Yo, Caballo" (Me, Horse)
Year: 2023
Composer: Macarena Solervicens
Duration: 9 minutes
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Yo, Caballo (Me, Horse) is an electroacoustic piece created in early 2023 that immerses the listener in the sonic universe of a horse. This work is part of a more extensive artistic study that seeks to portray and imagine the sonic interaction between different species and inorganic elements within a system. 
Through this composition, it seeks to go beyond the superficial connection between humans and animals, immersing itself in a fantasy of sounds that perceptively delves into the complex layers that govern communication with other species. Listening to this piece, one is invited to explore the hidden modes of communication and connection between horse and human. 

The sound palette used is characterized by textures, patterns and dense layers created from three germinal recordings, with the aim of capturing the sound codes that transcend human language and approach the world of the horse. From a compositional point of view, the piece develops as a constant search for permanence and sound stability, despite the complexity of the dense layers that make it up. This is manifested through variations of more or less elaborate sound germs, culminating in moments of instability.

As for the sound space, the work has been created in stereophonic format, allowing maneuvers that create the illusion of depth of field and transport the listener to the experience of the horse's environment.

Sound and Non-Anthropized listening

This piece is part of a sound project that I have been developing for some time, delving into the concept of Non-Anthropized listening.

This concept aims to imagine and reproduce the sound world of other species, organisms, and non-organic elements. Yo, Caballo is one of the works that has emerged from this artistic exploration, questioning and Imagining how a horse listens, what it hears, and what its sonic world is like.

The objective of the piece is to provoke reflection through sonic fantasy, exploring how other species and even non-organic elements are immersed in an interesting and complex sonic world. It aims to expand our understanding and awareness of the diversity of the world that surrounds us. Additionally, it highlights the possibilities of non-anthropocentric listening as an aesthetic and poetic mechanism for creation.

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